• Proprietary database analytics and predictive modeling that deliver results.

  • Skilled analytics professionals with insurance and healthcare industry backgrounds.

  • Sophisticated customer segmentation models and a database of more than 250 million consumers.

  • Multichannel
    and diversified media.

Insurance and Healthcare Marketing Analytics
are Our Specialty

Decades of deep experience across a range of insurance products and markets – it’s why our clients rely on us to understand their business needs and bring the knowledge, insight and tools that will help them excel. Our industry experience drives us to look beyond the obvious – and to target the prospects, strategies and programs that get results.

Who we are

What we do…

We use discrete, multivariate predictive models to identify the key drivers of profitability. These models are the engines that drive highly measurable solutions for our clients — and that get results every time. Our proprietary approach calculates policyholder lifetime value for each prospect, allowing our clients to write profitable insurance premiums with an excellent ROI.

We are fluent in geographic and demographic, lifestyle, and cultural segmentation strategies and have consistently delivered these solutions for our clients.  Our creative development process is informed by our access to thousands of individual consumer characteristics – meaning our solutions are rooted in knowledge, not guesswork. We continually optimize performance. And accordingly have an excellent track record of beating established control positions.