Pragmatic solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit

RPM Direct specializes in analyzing large consumer data sets to segment populations, predict response rates, forecast customer lifetime value and design targeted, multi-channel marketing campaigns for all segments of the insurance industry.

RPM Direct maintains and supports its own database that includes more than 250 million consumers and 120 million U.S. households.  This quantity and unique combination of data drives optimal, data-driven decision-making and enable it to build models that analyze prospects individually.  RPM Direct employs proprietary predictive analytics and a proprietary signal capture platform to deliver results through a flexible, on-demand service model.

All of RPM Direct’s solutions are highly measurable and based on actual market successes. Our proprietary approach utilizes highly predictive multivariate regression analysis techniques to isolate a policyholder lifetime value for each prospect, allowing you to procure profitable customers with an excellent return on your promotional investment.

With a business model grounded in collaboration, candor and a laser focus on our clients’ needs, RPM Direct delivers pragmatic solutions with an entrepreneurial spirit founded in analytics. Because we believe that our clients’ success reflects our success, we offer honest, practical recommendations based on our considerable expertise and market analysis.

RPM Direct customizes your program based on your products, pricing, and operations, and then actively manage those programs based on dynamic and iterative data and feedback. This shared program management approach combines quantitative targeting with real-time operational feedback to maximize results and build solid, long-term client relationships. Headquartered in Lambertville, NJ, we serve insurance companies nationwide.