The RPM Methodology

rpm360Developed and refined over the past 15+ years, RPM Direct’s robust database marketing infrastructure supports sophisticated modeling and data-driven creative processes. Our proprietary model—with the RPM Methodology at its core—removes the guesswork in determining which prospects will become viable customers, ultimately increasing profitability and reducing risk for our clients. By focusing on policyholder lifetime value rather than simply policyholder acquisition cost, our targeted direct marketing solutions have driven more than $4.4 billion in profitable auto insurance premiums.

Our Model: The RPM Methodology

We integrate individual credit and demographic data into our database of more than 250 million consumers to form the basis of our highly targeted marketing approach. We then build discrete multivariate regression scoring models based on the key drivers of insurance profitability to include response and conversion, revenue, risk and claims and retention. These scoring models are integrated into a measure of policyholder lifetime value for each prospect, allowing us to customize marketing plans to meet individual client needs.