Statistical Analysis & Targeting

At RPM Direct, we understand the science of targeting.  We possess expert knowledge and understanding of the insurance industry.  Our highly trained statisticians are the best in the business, with a keen understanding of statistics and data resources.  Most importantly, we know how to apply this knowledge to the unique characteristics of the insurance market.

RPM Direct uses a proprietary targeting methodology to produce profitable business for our clients. Using advanced statistical techniques, we develop targeting models that predict the key drivers of insurance profitability.

Our targeting models are customized to the unique characteristics of each client’s business.

Of course, precise targeting requires more than just predictive models; it requires an understanding of the behaviors that drive profitability. We integrate predictive models into a measure of lifetime value for each prospect. By knowing which behaviors matter most, we identify and target those consumers who will be most profitable. Then we target only profitable prospects, driving the right kind of consumer mix for your business.