Digital Solutions

By combining an understanding of the shopping behaviors of online insurance prospects with our proprietary models and analytics capabilities, we create lead generation and e-commerce marketing solutions that target the right prospects. Our understanding of online insurance purchasing behaviors is based on the deployment of dozens of web sites for major insurance brands that have generated hundreds of thousands of online leads and sales.

In the digital environment, audience targeting enables us to select those consumers who see our clients’ digital advertising and more effectively integrate that advertising with clients’ direct mail and other marketing initiatives. The depth of our capability in both analytics and digital marketing has enabled us to provide a host of audience targeting solutions for our clients, including:


Real-Time Lead Optimization
Using advanced analytics capabilities, we create predictive models to score and segment online prospects from RPM lead generation microsites, insurance lead aggregators, and carrier websites in real-time. Advanced data hygiene capabilities further improve ROI by ensuring lead quality.

Integrated Digital Marketing Programs
By simultaneously delivering marketing communications to the same audience across direct mail, email, display advertising and social media marketing, we deliver significant improvements in the performance of each individual channel as well as across the entire marketing effort.

Display and Re-targeting Campaigns
Our audience targeting capabilities go beyond identification of the best prospects and serving display advertising to those prospects. By employing additional customer attributes through the use of Mosaic and other data sources, we can micro-target advertising messages to identified prospects. This approach supports the best opportunity for successful digital marketing campaigns while improving the performance of re-targeting campaigns through selective re-targeting of only the best prospects.

Audience Targeting and Social Media
When coupled with advances in the targeting capabilities of social media platforms such as Facebook, our ability to build targeted audience populations from our internal database enables us to deliver highly targeted, cost-per-action advertising messages. The efficiencies generated by this approach can help social media reach its potential as a significant customer acquisition tool for the insurance industry.