Direct Response TV

We use proven Direct Response Television (DRTV) techniques specific to the insurance sector to deliver proven return on investment. Our DRTV campaigns offer long-term profitability advantages with well-coordinated media, creative, analytical, and operational functions. DRTV is a natural complement to direct mail and e-commerce promotions as part of an integrated multi-media strategy. Our approach to DRTV:

  • Pays for itself as a proven, stand-alone driver of cost-effective new business;
  • Lowers your overall cost-per-sale by raising the efficiency of coordinated mail and web efforts;
  • Adds scale to Internet activity;
  • Supports retention by reinforcing existing customer purchase decisions;
  • Gives credibility to and raises top-of-mind consideration of your brand; and
  • Provides a valuable data source that can be leveraged in other media and in product design.

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